Gambonini Consulting positions Risk Managers and Insurance Buyers with Domestic and International Insurance knowledge to better enable them to build and purchase their firm’s international insurance programme

Insurance Buyers will leave our 5 hour course (delivered in-person or using GOTOMEETING) with a clear and detailed understanding of how to procure and secure their firm's international insurance programme:

  • How legally compliant international Property & Casualty and Employee Benefits insurance programmes are structured, in each country their firm is in
  • Why they as the insured, need their "domestic controlling insurance broker" and their "international local country insurance brokers"
  • How their "domestic controlling insurance broker" directs and manages the "international local country insurance brokers"
  • What they and their local country subsidiaries should expect of their insurance brokers and carriers
  • How claims will work outside of the global insurance buyer's country
  • How insurance brokers are paid
  • Case Studies - bad things sometimes happen to good people

International Insurance Consulting Services for Insurance Buyers

Your clients are international, how international are you?