International Property & Casualty and Employee Benefits Insurance Course

The course positions the domestic insurance broker to be their insured's international controlling broker and coordinating consultant, capable of providing legally compliant and coordinated international insurance programmes

Course Curriculum

International Insurance Programmes:

1.  Exporters Package Programme or its equivalent - coverage an insured needs when just starting to take to take their firm international

2.  The Four different ways that International Property & Casualty Insurance Programmes can be written:

  • Locally Admitted Policy
  • Multinational Programme
  • Controlled Master Programme
  • Freedom of Services Programme

3.  The Three different ways that International Employee Benefit Insurance Programmes can be written:

  • Locally Admitted Policy
  • Pan Regional Programme
  • Multinational Pool Programme


International Insurance Project Management:

1.   Process and procedures for outgoing insurance business - workflow and responsibilities defined

2.   Process and procedures for incoming insurance business - workflow and responsibilities defined

3.   Broker service expectations - expected standards and services provided

4.   Define all parties involved and their positions, as well as how each relationship will be managed  

5.   Conditions under which a broker can be the controlling broker when the client or prospect is not headquartered in your country

6.   Effective communications - to eliminate disappointment and ensure the success of your programme

7.   How to manage and control your insured's international programme - domestically and globally

8.   Admitted and Non-Admitted insurance placements - advantages, disadvantages, legal and tax consequences

9.   Who has the authority to issue and sign local country Binders, Certificates and Insurance Policies

10.  International Human Resources and Benchmarking Resources - when your insured needs additional Human Resource and local country employment advice

11.  True Case Studies - bad things happen to good people when they do not know what to do

12.  How to avoid Errors & Omission claims - knowledge, established procedures and local country insurance broker relationships are your critical tools

Critical information modules to be selected based on where the broker is not domiciled:

1.  Canadian Tax and Compliance Issues - Canadian tax liability grid and case studies

2.  Canadian D&O - Admitted coverage is required by law, what happens if a Non-Admitted insurance carrier or Non-Admitted insurance broker provide the coverage

3.  Mexico - requirements to affect insurance coverage in Mexico

4.  US FATCA - US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act - the US broker's, the Non-US broker's and the insured's responsibilities

5.  US Healthcare - requirements, eligibility, exchanges, the five plans, access and penalties

6.  Workers Compensation - How compulsory Workers Compensation insurance works in Australia

7.  Workers Compensation - How compulsory Workers Compensation insurance works in the US

Other course modules added by request

Your clients are international, how international are you?