Antoinette "Toni" Gambonini

Gambonini Consulting Ltd

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Your clients are international, how international are you?

As a career retail broker and international insurance practitioner I am rooted in the inner workings of global commercial insurance brokering and networking.  My experience includes: direct client work, technical, process, efficiency, procedural, business, managerial and relationship skills. 

  • Director of Commercial and International Operations for 24 years with one of the top 20 brokers in the US - Barney & Barney

  • Director of Europe, Middle East & Africa in London for Assurex Global, the world’s 3rd largest international insurance network for 5 years.  

  • I work with brokers around the world and have developed an extensive global network of broker contacts


  • We enable insurance brokers to pursue and manage international insurance programmes effectively

  • We position insurance buyers to be knowledgeable and confident when they need to evaluate and purchase international insurance programmes for their insureds and prospects


We deliver customized international solutions to your firm, backed by our extensive international knowledge, skills and global broker relationships in the format that works best for your firm

Commitments to Results

Our goal is to be your trusted global adviser